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Christmas and Your Cerebellum – Yes, Your Cerebellum

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The holiday season brings out the best and worst of times. Millions of families look forward to gathering together to make precious memories but the fun of celebrating Christmas and New Years with loved ones often comes at the price of increased stress. Deadlines at work, holiday parties, shopping, church events, and other commitments keep the month of December moving fast and furious. No other time of year requires more attention to emotional stress release and relief than the holidays. People must implement a routine that lowers the burden of stress while increasing the body’s ability to adapt.

Few things raise the body’s ability to cope with stress like a Chiropractic adjustment. The spine directly affects many areas of the brain. Research over the past few years proves that an adjustment directly influences the cerebellum, a part of the brain responsible for motor control, thoughts, emotion, and cognition. Pronounced “ser-a-bell-um,” research published in 2010 detailed the significant role that the spine and movement play in cerebellar health. As the cerebellum experiences less interference, the emotional and mental capabilities of a person increase. Spinal health plays a vital role in the health of the cerebellum. Chiropractic adjustments influence emotional and mental health in a very noteworthy and exclusive way.

Diagnosed mental and emotional health problems plague an estimated one in four people. The majority of this 25% of the population seeks solutions from pills and pharmaceuticals. Amplified stress from the holidays coincides with an increase in medicinal drug consumption. Chiropractors do not seek to treat or cure mental disorders, emotional stress, or depression. Research simply offers an alternative solution found in unlocking the power present within the body through a spinal adjustment.

Stress hormones include serotonin, cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Chiropractic adjustments influence stress hormones in a positive manor unique to other forms of brain-improving strategies. Millions of patients cope with stress in natural and healthy way through regular Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic adjustments provide an immediate improvement in body function with ease. No sweat, blood, or pain accompanies a Chiropractic adjustment. The brain and body immediately change following an adjustment and both continue to experience improved function and operational capacity with each subsequent adjustment as health restores and improves in the body.

Stress robs the holiday season of the joy and purpose of Christmas. Chiropractic care invites every family to a season of health and memories that begins with keeping a healthy spine, brain, and nervous system!

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