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41% Greater Risk of Back Surgery Without Chiropractic Care

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An extremely blessed portion of the population will experience lives free from the risk of surgery of any kind. A body subjected to the uncertainty of scalpels and machines gives pause to families around the world every single day. Unsuccessful surgeries cause massive harm and even successful surgeries go hand in hand with terrible side effects. (See Failed Back Surgery Syndrome here). Chiropractors encourage all people to avoid surgery when possible, through proactive care.

Thousands upon thousands of people choose back surgery every year as a means to limit or control pain and body dysfunction.  Society benefits as a whole when people understand that avoiding back surgery can occur with some simple choices that begin with a brief look at some of the latest scientific research.

Thousands of people make the decision to undergo non-emergency surgery every year. The percentage of people compelled to make these decisions often do so unaware that another option exists which could dramatically decrease the need to endure the risks and after effects of surgery. The medical community utilizes drugs and surgery under the guise of improving a person’s quality of life. Improving life quality should not come at the risk of harmful side effects or even death.

Evidence shows that future quality of life comes down to something as influential as a visit to a primary care provider.

Patients with musculoskeletal pain (sensation of pain in the skeletal or muscular system whether there is damage present or not) experienced a greater risk of surgery if their first care provider was a surgeon. Almost 43% of workers who visited a surgeon as a primary care provider chose elective surgery within three years of their visit.

Only 1.5% of those choosing Chiropractic care elected the surgical route in that same window of time.

Facts, statistics, and research continually prove that Chiropractic care provides the best course of action in each of these categories when dealing with musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractic also serves patients without disclaimers regarding harmful side effects and potential dangers involved in consumption of pharmaceutical drugs or post surgical relapses.

People want the least invasive, least expensive and least threatening approach to healthcare.

Supporting research also determined that the influence of regular Chiropractic adjustments provide additional health benefits throughout the entire body. The intimate relationship between the spine and brain results in dramatic health benefits when the spine receives regular care.

Spinal care decreases stress hormones in the bloodstream and produces improved health and well-being.

Chiropractic adjustments have been linked to benefit immunity, digestion, blood pressure, breathing, and energy levels. A proactive approach to health and body function serves as the best method of avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgeries. Chiropractic care offers the opportunity for every family to experience a life filled with the benefits of a healthier mind and body.

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